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“The only thing more precious than your jewelry is your appraisal.”

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Jewelry boxes throughout the greater Charlotte area have never been so busy. The number of fine jewelry owners has increased noticeably in the past several years, through inheritance, investment, internet shopping and a renewed interest in precious stones. As personal collections have grown, the need for expert appraisals is essential for proper security, insurance and estate planning. Christopher Davidson founded Carolina Gem Lab to provide customers with complete appraisal services for their fine jewelry, beginning with careful research and ending with peace of mind.

“It’s amazing how many people do not know the true value of the jewelry they own,” Davidson explained. “When I ask people how much they think an item is worth, they usually guess too low. A professional appraisal of your fine jewelry is an important part of your personal financial records.” Before opening his own business at the beginning of 2002, Davidson was one of two gemologists on staff at the Charlotte branch of Tiffany & Co. His trained eye earned the confidence of many clients, who rely on his knowledge of quality materials, craftsmanship and the overall jewelry market.

Drawing on over 10 years of customer service experience, Davidson designed the appraisal services available at Carolina Gem Lab around convenience and comfort for the jewelry owner. “It’s very common for people to be nervous about leaving their jewelry with someone they don’t know, even a recognized appraiser,” Davidson noted. “I offer clients the option of me traveling to the location of their choice. They can stay with me from start to finish. This is a business that’s built on trust. I consider myself another kind of financial planner. The information from a professional jewelry appraisal can have a direct impact on other financial decisions, particularly insurance coverage and estate planning.”

Getting started is as easy as calling Carolina Gem Lab at 704-258-3856, or sending an e-mail to Davidson offers free consultations to new customers to recommend if a professional appraisal is necessary. He encourages owners to plan ahead and have the proper documentation in place before renewing insurance or dealing with the aftermath of a loss, theft or damage. When such an event happens, he notes, “The only thing more precious than your jewelry is your appraisal.”

Chris S. Davidson, G.G., AJP
Charlotte, NC 28226


Independent Fine Jewelry Appraisals
Protect Your Valuables With An Independent Jewelry Appraisal

Credentials and Professional Affiliations


I am a graduate gemologist, receiving my degree from the Gemological Institute of America on May 28th, 1996 and completed the Accredited Jewelry Professional program in 2001. I have also earned additional certificates from GIA in the following subjects:

  • Gold & Precious Metals

  • Colored Stones

  • Diamonds

  • Diamond Grading

  • Pearls

  • Insurance replacement appraisal w/honors

  • Gem Identification


Professional Organizations


    • GIA Alumni

    • CMPD Citizens Academy 2011 Graduate



Chris S. Davidson, G.G., AJP
Charlotte, NC 28226
704-258-3856 or 800-548-6871